SIRM - for the joys of PARENTHOOD

Prof Tipu Sultan

SIRM was founded in August 2007 with the aim of providing high quality ethical services to infertile couples under one roof. Infertility treatment in Pakistan was not considered to be of prime importance. However, in the rest of the world, infertility was, and is considered to be of great importance. The single best reason for this is that it changes lives forever. Having children is a rich and unique experience, which sadly, everyone cannot experience. This is where SIRM stepped in, to provide high quality and affordable infertility treatment.

Today the Internet is the fastest and most powerful source of information and it has made distances shorter and the world smaller. We were in need of an innovative, user-friendly and unique website. I am happy to say that the SIRM website is now complete and available on the Internet. The purpose of this website was to increase awareness regarding infertility treatment and the various options that can be employed for this. Through this website, we would also be able to reach out to the younger generation of doctors and other health professionals so that they too would develop interest in this field of medicine.

Prof S Tipu Sultan

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